A Splashing Good Time!

I went for another big swim yesterday with Shadow and Luna. Their mum and my man-brother2 were also in the water with us to make sure we stayed safe. At first I wasn’t too sure about getting into the water but eventually I got brave enough to jump into the pool all by myself as Luna and Shadow were having so much fun and I wanted to join them. Shadow and Luna are much younger than me and I found I couldn’t quite keep up with them, though I tried my best, so Man-brother2 had to help me a bit when I got too tired to swim properly. I rested a bit on the big shelf and the steps and sometimes got out onto the bricks outside, but I always went back in again for more swims.

Eventually I was just too puffed out and Mum could see that when I was out of the pool I was having trouble standing as my back legs were shaking a bit and I kept sitting down so she took me up onto the verandah of the people-kennel so I could rest and get dried but still watch the action in the pool. Mum used some chairs to block the steps down to the yard so I wouldn’t go back and run up and down beside the pool  and wear myself out even more. However, I am a Very Clever Dog and I managed to get through her silly little barricade! Ha ha!! But my freedom did not last long as Man-brother4 took me back to the verandah again and this time Mum used more chairs so it was impossible for me to get out. Once I was dry enough she took me inside the people-kennel where I went to my usual place at the window to watch the pool.

After a little while longer they all got out of the pool and I was allowed to go back outside and hang out on the verandah with everyone and rest for a while. I even shared my bed and my water bowls with Shadow and Luna. It was a Very Good Day! 😀

Mum took lots of photos of us having fun in the pool (click to enlarge)


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