Walkies & Puddles

The skywater was falling a lot today but when it stopped for a while Mum and I went for walkies and I found a biiiig puddle by the creek where we once saw a Dragon! The Dragon must have been hiding as we didn’t see it this time, just like another time when we went for walkies to the creek and we didn’t see it then either …probably just as well.

Anyway, I had fun walking through the big puddle and Mum took some photos of me …as usual.




The deepest part was right in the middle of the puddle.



We got home at just the right time too as the skywater was just starting to fall again. I don’t like being outside when there’s lots of skywater because it falls into my eyes and makes me blink, and sometimes there is also sky noise and bright flashes and that is all very scary!






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