Birthday Lunar Eclipse

Well, it was almost a lunar eclipse on my birthday. Unlike some other parts of the world, here in Australia the eclipse (28th July) was a few hours after my birthday (27th July) officially ended.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me! I turned 11 last Friday so Mum made me a special breakfast with a big “11” written on it with kibble. I was a Very Good Boy and waited (and waited!) while she took photos of me wearing the silly hat before I was allowed to eat. Fortunately I was allowed to take the hat off to finish eating my breakfast in comfort.

Mum bought me a comfy new inside bed so I can be more comfortable when I sleep beside her bed at night. Now that I’m getting older Mum wants me to spend cold winter’s nights inside the people-kennel instead of outside in my kennel or on my bed on the verandah where I usually sleep. I love my new bed!

Mum made me wear the stupid birthday hat for a photo again but as you can see, I’m much happier without the hat!

At first when I was sleeping inside at night I was using the mattress that Man-brother1 bought for me (see here) but Mum was worried it might not be thick enough for all-night use so she wanted to get me another mattress. When she put my new plush bed beside her bed I stayed there for a little while, then eventually moved to the floor in the doorway so I could see into the hallway …I am ‘Doorway Dog‘ after all, hehe. So, the next night Mum put my new bed in the doorway …so of course I laid on the floor right beside her bed instead, before eventually moving to my new bed in the doorway. After a couple of nights of this back-and-forth sleeping Mum decided to put my mattress from Man-brother1 beside her bed as well so I could have my choice. She just has to get used to the idea that I like to move around at night and sleep in different places, including on the floor in the hallway outside Man-brother4’s bedroom. She is happy though that last night I seem to have spent most of my time on my new bed in the doorway …well, I was there when she woke up a couple of times through the night, and I stayed there even after Dad climbed over me to go to work early in the morning.

After Mum lets me outside again each morning of course I choose the cold concrete of the back verandah to lie on (in the middle of Winter!) and from there I move to the spikey plastic doormat for a while longer and then I eventually get onto my snuggly, warm outside bed. My kennel has my blanky and a mattress in it too but Mum hasn’t seen me using the kennel for ages. I don’t like going into my kennel anymore. Mum thinks it might be because the top of the doorway is a bit too low for me to easily get under now so she plans to try to cut some of the plastic away from the top of the doorway to make the opening taller for me. 🙂

I s’pose I should also explain a bit about the photo at the top of this page. Mum’s favourite subject is me (of course!) but she also thinks the moon and eclipses are really cool too. I guess you could call this “art”. Mum had fun creating it from the first photo she got of the eclipse at 5:15AM last Saturday, and a photo of me resting on the new bed I got for my birthday the day before. Woof! 😀

As I’m such a clever dog I know about stuff like lunar eclipses so I’ll include some other photos Mum took of the eclipse.





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