About Shelby

Hi, my name’s Shelby. I’m a Border Collie living in Sydney, Australia and this is my very own blog. I was born on 27/07/2007 on a farm property near Wedderburn, NSW (see photo below).  The photo at the left shows me at only 6 weeks old – the week before I went to live with my forever-family. They didn’t realise when they first chose me that I was the same puppy my original people (a nice vet and her family who owned Hidden Valley Border Collies – Clasicborders) had photographed for their Trading Post ad for “Border Collie puppies for sale”. 😀

This is where I was born. I used to go swimming in the dam too!

Oh, and just so you know, I’m a MALE dog. Many people assume I’m a female because my name is Shelby …it’s sooo annoying! Shelby is a guy’s name as well and there’s a lot of blokes out there called Shelby …there is …really! There’s even Shelby cars …you can’t get more ‘masculine’ than those! …but no, I’m not named after the car. I’ll tell you about my name another time.

I’m a pure bred Border Collie but I’m much, much taller and heavier than your average little Border Collie. I’m a big boy from big strong, working dog stock. My doggy-dad is also a very big boy and my forever-family were very impressed (and surprised!) when they saw how huge he looked with his long coat all clean and brushed making him look a very handsome dog indeed. I look just like him now! 😀 I was a little bit overweight at 40kgs but Mum made me go on a diet and exercise more and now I weigh 36kg. My vet reckons that 35kg is about the right weight for me.

According to the Breed Standard of the Border Collie Club of NSW, Dogs (males) are typically between 48 – 53 cm (approx. 19 – 21 in) in height at the withers (the ridge between the shoulder blades) and Bitches are 46 – 51 cm (approx. 18 – 20 in) in height at the withers. My height at the withers is 63 cm (25 in)! The BCCNSW also says, “Size is not a disqualifying feature and all things being equal correct conformation should be preferred.” With my perfect markings and good proportions I could have done quite well as a show dog or breeder but my forever-family weren’t interested in all that so they didn’t need to get my pedigree papers. I don’t think I would have enjoyed the show scene …all that grooming! I hate being groomed! It’s my least favourite thing!

My backyard.

So instead, I live in a fairly large suburban backyard (see photo at left) in southern Sydney and have fun chasing and fetching balls, playing soccer, playing tug-o-war, going for walks, talking to possums and bats in the early hours of the morning and in the summer time I try my best to herd the kids in the swimming pool yard, even though they refuse to co-operate. I have my very own sheltered, comfy kennel to sleep in at night on the back verandah of the people-kennel and I’m also allowed inside the people-kennel in the day time to snooze or play with my inside toys. Life is good!

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  1. Hi Shelby like your owner I was blessed by the fact that I owned a dog from the same farm. He was a gift from God and he passed away 1year ago He had the best life i could give him and was fortunate to have him for 13 years. Gentle and faithful

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    1. Hi Al, thanks so much for commenting! 🙂 I’m very sorry to hear your dog passed away, but I’m glad he had a good life. 😥 I guess he would have been one of my half-brothers (I think my dog-dad had 3 wives) and about 2 years older than me. This is very exciting as I’ve never heard from anyone else who had a dog from the same farm! 😀 I’m very gentle and faithful too and my pawrents and my four man-brothers love me lots and lots. It’s a very good life here as well. Even though I’m in my geriatric years I’m still a puppy at heart and still Mum’s baby. ❤ ❤ Licks & Tailwags from Shelby.


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