Videos of Shelby

I’m a movie star too! Enjoy …woof!

Shelby’s New Hippo Toy — 6 January 2012

My “mum” bought me a new grunting hippo toy. I really like my grunting piggy too but Hippo is new and smells different to Piggy. I was scared of Piggy at first but then I learned I could have fun gently chewing him to make him grunt. Mum bought Hippo in case I chewed holes in Piggy, but I’m very careful with both of them. Mum also bought a Hippo for a friend’s dog called Rex, but Rexie (a.k.a. Stinky Dinky) killed his Hippo on the first night. I only kill fluffy toys …oh the joy of spreading fluffy stuffing all through my peoples’ house!

Tug-o-war with Shelby — 23 February 2012

I love playing tug of war with anyone who’s interested in holding the other end of the rope! My eldest “brother” played the piano while his girlfriend played with me. I wanted the game to last longer but they gave up too soon. By the way, my butt looks bare and my poor tail is all skinny with a “ring-barked” section because they “groomed” me earlier and got a bit carried away with trimming my messy hair. Oh well, it’ll eventually all grow back, hopefully in time for winter.

Shelby & Shadow Swimming — 31 December 2016

I went swimming with in the big people’s pool with Shadow and her mum and my man-brother. I wrote a blog about this here where you can see more photos as well.

A Facebook Slideshow/Video — 12 March 2018

I was feeling creative and decided to make a Facebook slideshow/video to put on the cover of my Facebook page. It has music too so make sure you turn the sound on to hear it (bottom right corner when you mouseover the video frame). I think it turned out rather well for my first attempt. Mum thinks so too (though she would have liked it better if Facebook allowed for individual positioning of each separate photo — my paws are chopped off in some photos and my ears in others — oh well). 😀

Shelby Eating Breakfast on 25 May 2018

I posted this one on my Instagram page so more people can see what a Very Good Boy I am when Mum tells me to sit, stay and wait for ‘OK’ before I can eat my breakfast.

Shelby & Luna playing ‘fetch’ on 21 October 2018

Luna came to visit on the weekend and we had fun chasing the ball, although sometimes both of us got a bit confused about when to run. At first I didn’t chase the ball, then we both chased it the second time, then Luna got confused and didn’t chase it the third time, but she did eventually find it after I dropped it.

Shelby’s New Pool — 1 January 2019

Santa Paws brought me a new pool for Xmas and I got to try it for the very first time on New Year’s Day …it was so good to be in the cool water on such a VERY hot day!

Shelby Cleans His Teeth! — 14 February 2019 ❤

The postman delivered my Bristly Brushing Stick yesterday (from Bristly Brushing Stick). Mum thought one of these things might be a good idea for me to have to clean my teeth, so here I am trying it out.


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